Passenger Transfer

  • Passenger Transfer with VIP Vehicles
VIP VEHICLES; Would you like to make your private transfers more special? We are at your service with our Vip vehicles which offer more than the comfort in our standard vehicles. All you have to do is select Vip Vehicle as your vehicle type when creating your transfer.
Standard Car Passenger Transfer
In our 2010-2016 model range in our standard vehicle park; The most convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicles for passenger transport are included. Segment of the most comfortable and safest tools at
  • Passenger Transfer with Ultra VIP Vehicle
A distinctive concept in VIP; Ultra VIP service concept You want to have a pleasant journey with us in an environment where you will feel free and important. With our aya Ultra VIP bir car park that reflects our original lines and thoughts, you can reach out to one another with technology, peace, confidence and comfort. The models specified by Ultra Vip Minibus Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Carevelle * (asterisk) are not available from time to time according to their density. Requests for these vehicles can be completed by filling out our Special Transfer Request form.
  • Disabled Passenger Transfer Vehicles
With us you can overcome. None of us can foresee what kind of surprises life will give us. We remove the obstacles in your life; with an empathic understanding, we strive to do our part. Our innovation team, which has made many innovations in Antalya, has made a difference with special vehicles with hydraulic lifting mechanism designed according to the needs in this field.
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